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Great features for your business

  • Your own mini webpage profile
  • Build reputation with genuine reviews
  • Become Verified for credibility
  • Promote special and exclusive offers
  • Sell products and services online
  • Connect with customers directly
  • Share news and events with the community

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Great features for your local community

  • Completely free to register and use
  • Find local Verified & Reviewed businesses
  • Browse local products and services
  • Post Your Job to save time
  • Search though exclusive offers
  • Products, services, property, motors, recruitment, offers, events and more

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What Platform

Now more than ever, local businesses need you, small local businesses are doing everything they can to bounce back and rebuild their businesses within the community, which is why everyone needs something to help connect communities of businesses and people together.

What is an exciting new online marketplace platform for local business to become verified and build trust in their community through reviews and recommendations. Share their news and promote their services through special offers.

  • Sync with businesses to keep up to date with news, events and offers.
  • Find a large variety of businesses for anything you need.
  • Every business has their own shop to sell products and services.
  • Free calendar planner to organise events and appointments.
  • Plus many more new features coming very soon.

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The beautiful thing about What is what we don’t do, we don’t sell sponsored posts to flood your feed with content you have no interest in, we don’t have fancy algorithms to put you into a demographic, we simply do not look at our customers as a product. What we do is let you tell us what you want to see, by Syncing with a business, we know you want to see more from that business, so we will add their posts to your What's Happening feed, show you their events and offers in you dashboard and keep you updated with relevant info from that business.

You can manage all your Synced businesses from your dashboard, you can sync with as many businesses as you like, we won't send you a million emails or notifications every day, we don’t give the business your information either, we will send your 1 email a day with an overview of relevant information from your account.

Post a Job

So you want something done, but you maybe don’t have the time to browse and contact all these businesses directly to have the same conversation over and over again, problem solved – Post a Job.

Tell us what you want done, give us a brief description of the service you want or the work you want done, you can tell us when you want it done and even add a budget if you choose. We will then display your work, but only to businesses that we have verified, they can then view your requirements and if they feel they can do what you want, when you want and within the budget you have, then they can send you a response.


Whether it’s a live music night or a local festival, an open day for a local business or a special offer weekend. You can view local events in your calendar on your dashboard to find lots going on in your area.

You can also add your own appointments, birthdays, holidays or even bill reminders and then get a reminder near the time. Businesses can also add private events with you as an appointment so both you and the business get timely reminders for appointments and bookings.


Businesses are fighting to survive in this critical time, more and more businesses are trying all they can to generate business, which is why now is more important than even to support your local businesses.

Businesses can display special offers they have available in general, they are also able to display Exclusive offers that are only available at What. Whenever you need something done then please consider buying or hiring local businesses, with local offers there is a bargain for everyone at anytime of the year.

Products & Services

More and more people are buying online now and it's getting harder and harder for local businesses to be found online, so why not find your next online purchase at What, local business and all UK sellers.

Find lots of products, fixed fee services, motors, property and much more.

With lots of products to find, we are sure there are lots of things you can find in the What marketplace.

Latest News

Your What's Happening Community News Feed

Keep up to date with information from local businesses. With regular updates on businesses, their work, offers and news, see more from businesses you have Synced with, comment, ask questions or just browse and read.

What's Happening is not an entire social media feed, we don’t add groups or let customers create posts, this is a space for businesses and traders to keep customers up to date with new things happening in their business and the community, a social platform without all the fuss and stuff you don’t want.


What Magazine

What will be launching a brand new community magazine, this will give small businesses the opportunity to place themselves in every home locally. Starting in Dunfermline and surrounding areas, we will be hand delivering 50,000 free magazines every 3 months, that’s 200,000 copies a year, keeping customers informed and providing them with business information at their fingertips when they need it.

  • Professional A4 Full colour magazine.
  • 50,000 copies delivered to every home in the local area every 3 months, that’s estimated at over 120,000 readers EVERY EDITION.
  • That’s 200,000 copies every year, filled with local businesses, news and information.

The community magazine has been designed to be useful for readers, not everyone has use of or likes using the internet, many people still like a good old fashioned browse through a magazine, the What Platform and the What Magazine are the perfect blend of both online and offline marketing for any business.

Please be advised that advertising space is limited, if you would like to advertise in the What Community Magazine then submit your details below to discuss reserving space for your business. Our first edition of the magazine will be starting in Dunfermline, more issues in other areas will be coming soon.

As responsible publishers, Insync Media Ltd and their brand What are registered members of the Press & Publishing Association.

Reserve your spot today for as little as £40 + VAT

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