Andy Macarthur

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City of Edinburgh, Scotland, EH13

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Addiction counselling

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I'm Andy, I am a highly experienced Clinical Hypnotherapist based in Edinburgh, specialising in helping people overcome Addictions especially Alcohol Abuse.

Using proven, effective techniques from Hypnotherapy, Nutrition and Addiction Counselling, I can help you stop, simply and easily, and get your life

What sets the service I offer aside - I am also an Addiction Counsellor and Recovery Coach so I am confident in being able to help you. With thousands of hours treating these issues, I understand what is causing you to be addicted.

I offer a free, no-obligation online video consultation so you can ask any questions you might have. I can explain exactly what is involved and allay any fears you might have such as dealing with cravings and withdrawal.

From there, I will devise a treatment plan which is unique to you and this is how I get results - everyone has a unique reason why they use addictive substances whether it's food, tobacco, or alcohol.

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