Why What?

Why What?

We would be better asking why not What?

What, is a platform to help connect local businesses with local customers. Supporting your local businesses and traders has always been important for any community. Now more than ever, your local community businesses really need you.

What, has two types of membership for businesses, Standard and Verified. By joining as a Verified Member, we do various checks to ensure they are a genuine business. These are standard checks that any customer should carry out on a business to establish credibility. We have simply done this for you already with our Verified Members.

Search and view local businesses, see their reviews and recommendation ratings, view all the info in one place about the business and shortlist them if you wish to compare more closely. View any products, services and see any special offers. Plus exclusive offers only available to What users.

What Magazine

What, produces a high quality A4 magazine every 3 months which is hand delivered to 50,000 homes locally. This helps local consumers that normally don’t use online services and also brings more users to the online platform.

Find offers, events, products and businesses in every issue withlocal news and information.

Every Verified business is index listed for FREE.

Advertise your business from as little as £40.

Search & Sync

Search or browse local and Sync with your favourites to keep connected and informed.

Buy & Sell

Products, services, property, motors, and much more from verified, reviewed and recommended local businesses.

Local Employment

Find local jobs from businesses you would love to work for in your area, keeping business and jobs local.

Local News

Keep up to date with What’s Happening in your area, news from local businesses and more

Local Events

What’s on and when, don’t miss out, check the local calendar and save your favourites to your calendar.

Offers & Deals

Find the best special offers & deals, with exclusive offers available to only What users.

What Forest

We plant 1 tree free for every verified member every year in our very own What forest.

Whilst print advertising is important to businesses and consumers, we also know that this use of paper is reducing forests worldwide.

Every time we publish 1 Magazine issue, we plant trees in our own What Forest to offset the use of paper. We also plant trees throughout the year to offset our own carbon footprint.

If you would like to plant trees in to help expand the What Forest and offset you carbon footprint, you can dedicate them to your business or a person at www.treesforlife.org.uk