Subscription Options

Standard Premium
Standard Premium
What business webpage
Receive enquiries directly from consumers
Receive reviews and recommendations
Respond and communicate with consumer directly
Sell products and services with online payments via the marketplace
Number of images you can display in marketplace listings 2 6
No listing fees on marketplace product & service listings
Processing fees, including card processing fees, for marketplace items 7.5% +20p 5% +20p
Display special and exclusive offers
Add public and private events to the calendar
Number of gallery folders & images per folder

12 folders

10 images each

12 folders

50 images each

Customers can sync with your business
Your business proactively promoted in communication with synced consumers
Featured content promoted on home page
Appear higher with a prominent display in the search results
Become verified to highlight your profile and credibility **
Respond to jobs posted by consumers
Able to have multiple secondary user accounts
Access to What stats - see views & clicks on your listings
Free index listing in the What local magazine ***
Discounted magazine advertising 20% discount
Price FREE *£9.99 per month + VAT

*Introductory offer for 2021. Normally £14.99 per month. Prices will be available until 31/12/2021 when they will increase to £14.99

**Introductory offer, normally £49 to carry out required checks.

***Subject to publication in your area.